Building a new transportation system, to meet America’s changing transportation needs.

In the 20th century, Americans fell in love with the car. Driving a car became a rite of passage. Owning a car became a symbol of American freedom and mobility. And so we invested in a network of interstate highways that facilitated travel and connected the nation.

Now we're in a new century, with new challenges and new transportation needs. The demand for ridesharing, more walkable and bike friendly communities, and more and better transit options are all on the rise. At the same time, many of the roads and bridges and transit systems we invested in so heavily are showing their age. In fact America has roughly a half-trillion dollar backlog of needed road and bridge repair, and a $90 billion backlog in transit repair needs.

Georgia PIRG is running campaigns that put us on the road to meeting America’s changing transportation needs.

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Our Approach

The campaigns in our 21st Century Transportation program share a common approach. In each campaign, we aim to:
Give Americans better options to meet our changing transportation needs. We value ideas and policies that both improve the quality of our lives now and put us on a path to a better future.
Focus on concrete change. We share a bold vision, but understand that change comes one step at a time. Our focus is on making a difference for the public, not just making a statement.
Figure out what works. We’ve successfully advocated for changes that have resulted in more and better transit, and less wasteful spending. We have a track record of 45-plus years of figuring out solutions that will work, and advocating for them until we get results.
Find common ground. Even in this deeply divided moment, all Americans want a healthier, safer, more secure future. Our advocates in Washington, D.C., seek out common ground and work with members of Congress from both parties. Our advocates in the states build coalitions that include people from all walks of life. Our organizers and canvassers engage literally hundreds of thousands of people. Our members and activists live in all 50 states.
Highlight the need for change. The country has changed, but our politics are stuck in the past. We face new challenges, but also unprecedented opportunities to harness and share our abundance to create transportation systems that will leave us healthier and happier, and reduce the risks to our climate and communities. Through our 21st Century Transportation program, we are pointing out — and inviting policymakers and citizens alike to seize — the opportunities in front of us.

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